Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How I was mesmerized...

Hello my blog visitor!

Nice to meet you all! This is my second blog besides this one. Well, to me, this blog is indeed as special as the previous one but here you will find out something that I adore very much lately. It's photography. I can't recall when exactly this began to attract me but now I’m completely captivated by it. It becomes one of my interests that I usually do if I have spare times. I am always keen to dig into any information related to photography. However, it is only my hobby since my dream job is not in that field (though I wish I can get some extra income from it too  :P )   

I am still an amateur, equipped with only a simple pocket camera, but I have the same passion as those professionals! HAHAHAHA…. ^^

As what I know, there are some branches of photography, i.e.: landscape photography, fashion photography, food photography, and stage photography. I myself have fallen in love with one of them that is Food Photography. 

How’s that? 

One day, when I was toying with my pocket camera, my mom came from the kitchen with freshly cooked beef tomato spaghetti. I was attracted by combination of colors on the plate. At once, I captured the cooking with my camera and…voila!
Homemade Beef Tomato Spaghetti
I was mesmerized by the result! I was excited at how the tastiness of food could be preserved and stand out with just a single click. Since then, I am so enthusiastic in Food Photography. 

 Here, in this blog I’ll begin posting mouth-watering photos and I hope they can raise your appetite too! Most of them have been simply edited with photo-editing application. I will also include some recipes for you who love cooking. Truly hope you’re always happy to visit my blog! 

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