Thursday, April 5, 2012

Breakfast with Cereal

I have a question. What do you usually have for breakfast? Is it a complete meal of rice and its side dish? Or toast with jam and peanut butter? 
Hmm...talking about breakfast, I feel uncomfortable with the fact that I often eat the first meal of the day in a hurry >_<'||
Indeed it is a bad habit. Eating must be done in a proper way. We have to focus on our food while eating since that will help our digestion. That's why we should not read or do something distracting while having meal.
However, commonly on Saturday or Sunday morning, I can enjoy my breakfast in a more relaxed manner. I always love having noodles, pancake, or porridge for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, my mother - who always wakes up earlier than the others, likes to serve us a rich and nutritious breakfast. I am really grateful for that!
I remember a day when my friend and I were talking about foods, she laughed at me after knowing that I still loved cereals for breakfast. She said cereal was only for small kids! I frowned. She was wrong! Where did she get the notion from?
In fact, cereals also provide enough nutrition for adults and thus it is a good meal for the whole family. By the way, corn flakes is my favorite, haha...It always tastes great to be eaten with warm milk, yum!

Corn flakes with milk ^^
My Favorite Cereal

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