Saturday, March 10, 2012

We Need a Break


These days everything seems tormenting to me. Abundant assignments, upcoming thesis exam, and problems dealing with my job have given me anxiety and insomnia. I can hardly breathe due to these depressing matters. Do you feel the same way? Or maybe you feel even worse? Hmm… if so, I think we need a break.
A short rest is absolutely important to refresh our mind and body. That precious moment may not be accompanied by a lavish surroundings but it must be a cozy one. Actually, with only a cup of warmly brewed tea and some snacks, a sunny afternoon can be a good time to recharge and calm ourselves.  One day, when I was having a break after homework, I found out that a cup of tea with those pineapple pastries looked pretty under the sun. Therefore, at once I took the picture with my camera. Voila!

Elvy's tea time

Oh ya, this was a cup of fine black tea. I am a tea lover, too.  I love almost all beverages made of tea, such as milk tea, lemon tea, iced tea, etc. Maybe because of the caffeine substance in it, a cup of tea is able to freshen up my body. Do you know? Tea is able to normalize blood pressure and reduce depression! That’s why it is a suitable drink for people with high level of stress, like me. Hehe… ^^
Well, let’s live a joyful life! ^o^

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